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25 Hottest Puerto Rican Women with Photos!

If you surf the web or watch enough television, you can’t help but admire Chicas from South America. Puerto Rican celebrities leave the rest of the world in awe with their grace, physical beauty, and seductive nature. Check this list of the 25 hottest Puerto Rican girls to grace our screens.

1. Raquel Castro

Raquel Castro

From playing a character in Jersey Girl way back when she has grown into a fine lass. Engaged in acting, singing, and songwriting as well, this sultry young mami lands the number one spot.

2. Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice

The actor, singer, and renowned philanthropist is forever smiling. Her gorgeous looks and fabulous figure earn her the second spot on the list of most fabulous Puerto Rican women.

3. Mariana Vicente

Mariana Vicente

This lass went from beauty pageants to acting and modeling. Between her accomplishments and her looks, she’s definitely one of the hottest Puerto Rico has to offer.

4. Viviana Ortiz

Viviana Ortiz

She branded herself under Viviana Ortiz products after winning a coveted beauty pageant award. Her physical attributes, specifically facial features, give many women a run for their money – while men swoon.

5. Zuleyka Rivera

Zuleyka Rivera

Exemplifying female power, this Spanish diva was Miss Universe 2006. She also hosts T.V. shows and happens to be a dancer and actress. She is quite popular and has become a household name in Spanish circles.

6. Vanessa Claudio

Vanessa Claudio

Perhaps one of the sexiest Puerto Rican women on the planet, this diva is a model, an actress as well as a past beauty pageant crown holder.

7. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

We couldn’t list many more celebrities without mentioning J. Lopez. She was fascinatingly beautiful when young, and still is today.

8. Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls

She had a gig as a Victoria Secrets model at some point, before transitioning to becoming one of the highest-paid Puerto Ricans in that industry.

9. Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez

Aside from her looks, this lady’s C.V. speaks volumes. Not only is she a producer, but she also writes songs, sings, acts, and models.

10. Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera

Remember Santana Lopez in Glee? Yep, that’s her. With her amazing figure and dashing good looks, she makes a list at number ten of our hottest Puerto Rican women.

11. Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez

If you’ve ever watched In Living Color, this actress’s voice must be resounding in the back of your mind. She is as sultry as it gets and doesn’t seem to age, not one bit.

12. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Ah yes, the list wouldn’t be complete without this fine damsel, who starred in the epic franchise Fast and Furious alongside Vin Diesel.

13. Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

She is a renowned actress, having made memorable appearances in flicks like Kids and Sin City – A Dame to Kill For. She has a mature, serious yet very sexy look to her.

14. Zoe Saldana

Rosario Dawson

The sexy, feisty, and the extremely stealthy young lady in the film Colombiana, this lass had to make it to the list. She is one of our favorite and most adorable Puerto Ricans to date. Still young, she has plenty of talent and beauty to boot, meaning we will see more of her on big screens.

15. Lisa Vidal

Lisa Vidal

With a smile for days, she can light up any room and movie she is on. The actress has been on The Event and Southland, to name a few.

16. Eva la Rue

Eva la Rue

A feisty lady she is – Eva has the looks to fit any movie role given to her. She has had one hot role in the famous CSI: Miami.

17. Meagan Good

Meagan Good

She is probably all that and a bag of chips between the sheets. Either way, this chica is far from good. Her looks leave men drooling – all the time.

18. Jaslene Gonzalez

Jaslene Gonzalez

She is a model, actress, and winner on America’s Top Model. She also modeled for Michelle Gomez and Alexis Arquette.

19. Joyce Giraud

Joyce Giraud

Fabulously sexy lady and crowned Miss Puerto Rico Universe in 1998, she also received the tag of Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico in 1994.

20. Ingrid Rivera

Ingrid Rivera

She is not only a former Miss Mundo de Puerto Rico, but this fine chica also won Miss Universe Puerto Rico in 2008 and participated in 2008’s Miss Universe.

21. Miriam Pabon

Miriam Pabon

This lady won the coveted Miss Puerto Rico America Title in 2009 and hosted the Fashion house as a representative of Wapa Wapa, America.

22. La La

La La

This sexy young actress is also a film producer, businesswoman, producer, and actress. Her full name is La La Anthony.

23. Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon

She is a renowned songwriter, actress, and dancer. She was also part of the Disney show Cheetah Girls. A fine Puerto Rican chica she is.

24. Melonie Diaz

Melonie Diaz

Seemingly girl next door look, she has a few under her belt, and quite the looks. Her one of her kind look gives her a humble position at number 24.

25. Natalie Morales

atalie Morales

This fine female is something to look at. Her face may be recognizable from appearances on Today’s Show.


We hope you enjoyed our list of fabulous screen sirens and dancers from Puerto Rico. These ladies bring life to boring shows with their gorgeous looks and captivating personalities. They have done so for decades.

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