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EbonyFlirt Review


EbonyFlirt is a popular dating site that is predominant among black people and Latin Americans. It's a site that's created to help black singles to mingle and find their ideal matches. Whether you are gay or lesbian, African, or Latin American, the website gives everyone an equal chance to connect to their dream partner. Finding true romance, casual dates, or friendship on this platform isn't complicated. The fantastic thing about this dating site is new members can get started by creating a free account. Another amazing thing about is you can sign-in from other countries that aren't black originated. Though the website was initially formed for black people, individuals from other races are highly welcomed. You can find users from a host of countries on this site – France, Poland, Russia, Germany, Latin America, etc. Still on the look-out for an outstanding dating website? Are you skeptical of whether this site is worth your time? Well, fasten your seatbelts as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through this amazing dating site.
Members:10 million
Best for:Balack Men and women
User Age:25-34
User base:Men and women are irrespective of their ages


EbonyFlirt has many features that will make your online dating experience awesome. With these easy-to-navigate features, no doubt finding your right match will come swiftly.

Let's take a look at some features of this dating website.

  • The internal mail system – With this feature, once you find a user picking interest, you can easily start a conversation via instant messaging, voice and video calls, among others.
  • Like Gallery Feature – With this exciting feature, members are allowed to see profiles and assess what they see. For example, if you like the profile or you think the person you are seeing is cute or hot, you can vote the person as such. Otherwise, you vote the other way round. Also, you have the leverage of taking a peek at what other users think of you, suggesting potential matches depending on your replies. This feature is available to both free and paid members.
  • Instant Chats – Here, you are allowed to exchange texts, audios, photos, and videos. You get a max of five chats per day as a free member. You will be required to upgrade to premium should you wish to increase your chat limit.
  • Flirtcast: This is one of the coolest features here – one that allows you to exchange flirtatious messages with various members simultaneously, based on your preferences.
  • Promote My Account - For people with a limited online presence, this feature will go a long way. It assists in improving your online presence so that your profile receives more visits. With this feature, even the most inactive users get to increase their online visibility. Here, users can lure potential matches to their profiles by completing your profile information. On receiving informative messages about possible matches, you can proceed to add them to the favorites list.
  • Chat Rooms – Only premium users have access to this feature. Here, all members can rendezvous to chat together in a group.
  • Status – Should you wish to share something, maybe a piece of news or some random thinking, you can write it as a status. It works just like the status update on social media accounts.

EbonyFlirt Members

EbonyFlirt members

EbonyFlirt has over 150,000 members from the USA and over 90,000 active weekly members. The gender distribution is not so proportional, with 33% female and 67% male. If you are a lady, finding your black, Latin American, or interracial partner is relatively easy. Like we earlier stated, EbonyFlirt is a dating site that's created to connect black singles and Latin Americans. It's predominant among African-Americans and African countries like Senegal, Cameroon, etc. Unlike other ebony dating websites, it also offers users from other races the opportunity to discover true love and companionship. You can browse singles' profiles and wink at anyone that tickles your fancy. All you need to get started is to create a free account. It's not compulsory to follow every step en-route to your account's creation. Most of the steps can be avoided by tapping skip. The dating website offers increased security to all members. This gives the users the freedom and tranquility to communicate efficiently with each other. The website admins are always on top of their A-game to ensure that every member is confident and happy chatting with fellow members. A convicted felon or sex offender will be stripped of his communicative privileges.

Ease of Use

EbonyFlirt use

Dating has never been smoother with EbonyFlirt's app and website. The user interface is smooth and awesome, and everything is plain and simple. With so many amazing features available to users, EbonyFlirt's mobile app experience is very interesting, allowing for swift communication between users. However, it is pretty disturbing that the mobile app is only available for Android devices. The good news is that the app will soon be made available on Apple's App Store. Strangely, this app can only be downloaded on the web and not even on Google Play Store. Its unavailability for download through the Android Store is because the developers are still running necessary tests on the app. EbonyFlirt's mobile version works just like the desktop's, except for a few alterations. Signing up is pretty simple, fast, and hassle-free. First off, you will be required to input a few personal details, after which you will be required to complete your email verification. Not all steps are mandatory to be completed during registration, including uploading your profile picture. To crown it all up, there is a 24/7 dedicated customer support team on hand to attend to each of your questions and complaints. They can easily be contacted via email or the live chat option on the website. They respond swiftly, within minutes of placing a ticket.

Searching and Matching

On inputting your details while signing up, EbonyFlirt doesn't offer immediate matchmaking, unlike other websites. However, integrating a match-feed interface on the display screen, you can easily tell who's available or not. You can check over a thousand users, view their profiles, etc. Using the search feature, you can easily locate users nearest to you. This is a free feature.

Noteworthily, there are several fake profiles on this platform. However, you don't have to worry about that because the security system can easily detect them. Besides, EbonyFlirt incorporated a security feature known as Safe Mode, which acts as additional protection for members. Users can now filter their contacts, and the feature allows them to be on alert in case of suspicious profiles.

Safe mode has three settings or options - Off, Basic, and Full. By turning Safe Mode off, you are allowing any member on the dating website to contact you, while you can contact any member with Basic on, except those whom you have marked suspicious. Full Safe Mode allows members who have been verified on the website to contact you.

Pros and Cons

  • Registration is free and fast
  • Excellent 24/7 responsive team
  • Signing up is easy and convenient. You can skip most steps for later completion
  • Offers flexible premium subscription plans
  • EbonyFlirt offers a three-day membership trial
  • Chatting and communication is simple and straightforward
  • The website has a lot of dating features to spice up your dating experience
  • The security system is topnotch
  • No automatic matchmaking
  • The app is not available for Apple users
  • The user interface of the Android version of the app is average and not smooth
  • There are some fake profiles on the dating site
  • Profile pictures are not clear if incomplete
  • The subscription plan renews automatically if you don't cancel before the due date

EbonyFlirt Costs

A new member can create a free account on but will be limited to certain features. Only a premium member can have access to all the features that the website has to offer. A free account can be upgraded but not without plowing some money. offers a limited trial for three days at a discounted price. This enables new users to try out the paid features before the period elapses. If you are satisfied with the outcome of things, then you can proceed to subscribe to a full month package fully. If you avoid canceling, following the expiration of three days trial, you will be debited from your bank account. The 3-day subscription trial goes for $4.98.

For the premium features, you get unlimited messaging, improved 24/7 customer support, easy sharing of videos and images, access the Promote My Account Feature, etc. If you are not yet ready to become a premium member, you can browse profiles, play the Life Gallery game, have access to the search function, and of course, create an account for free.

You must actively cancel any premium plan before the due date. Else, you will be charged for the duration that you opted for.

  • 1 month - $28/ month
  • 3 months - $48.60 ($16.20/ month)
  • 6 months - $79.20 ($13.20/ month)

As you can see from the table, EbonyFlirt offers flexible payment plans for every member who wants to go premium. You can choose whatever payment plan that is convenient for you.

Payment is made via Credit Card, and subscription renews automatically once the due date is reached.

Real Review

I have met many nice and beautiful girls at EbonyFlirt, and this platform has differences from the others I've used because of the sophisticated location filter. With this feature, I can search for women from my city. This gives me the chance to meet up my match face-to-face rather than just texting them only on the site. Since I joined this site, I've been on about five dates, and they've all been great!"

EbonyFlirt FAQ

Is EbonyFlirt Any Good?

EbonyFlirt is one of those dating sites where black men and women can connect and find love. You can find tons of gorgeous black women on the site who are ready for a casual or some serious dating.

Is EbonyFlirt Legit?

Everything about the site is genuine, so you have no reason to fear running into a scam dating site.

Is EbonyFlirt Free?

EbonyFlirt isn't free but offers a free subscription plan. If you wish to get access to more features and be able to express yourself fully on the site, you have to upgrade to premium.

Bottom line

The cultural diversity of EbonyFlirt is why many people love the dating site, despite portraying itself as a black dating site intended to provide real black dating experience. Any African, Latin American, Caucasian, etc. can sign up on the site. If you want some real flirting, fun dating experience, this is the site to signup for. It offers both free and premium features that will get you in the game of relationships - and if you feel wish to access more features, you can simply upgrade. You can discover more profiles and find your match.

Want to try? Visit the website and try it for now!

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