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Overview is a dating website developed back in 2018, and in just under two years, it has taken the world by a storm. On this site, you will find the hottest and sexiest Latina singles you will ever see anywhere on earth. If you have been looking for love, affection, or just looking to have a superb time with a hot Latina single, then you have found a site for you. It has an easy to use interface that will not be troublesome, and you will be able to find love online and without breaking a sweat.
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Best for:Latino
User Age:25-40
Recomended Age:28

Some Features of

This Latina dating site has some interesting features that work in harmony to alleviate the tiresome process of finding love online. Some features include:

  • It has precise search criteria in its searching algorithm that includes
  • Online nowhere you get to filter people according to who is online and most active
  • With photo only- you get to search people according to their looks on the photos they have posted
  • Age- you can specify the age bracket your partner should fall in and use it as a filter
  • Gender- get to choose whether you want a male or female companion
  • It has regional searches feature- this allows you to search for people within your locality. It would make no sense for dating a person you are continents apart
  • It offers privacy in conversations- there is a feature that enables you to enter into a private chat with a crush or even just other members of the dating site
  • The messaging feature is advanced and allows you to activate the ‘invisible’ tier to your profile. This will make your profile to read as ‘offline.’
  • Still, on the messaging feature, it has real-time updates that inform you if your contact is typing or has gone offline

Members on

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As long as you are of legal age and wish to get online to find a potential soul mate, you can join Joining is free, and you can get to see hundreds of matches made on this site that could just put you in a relationship. Clients are always happy with the services offered on this site because it has state of the art matching criteria that will be sure to put you up in a healthy relationship.

Is Easy to Use?

Citasconlatinas mobile

It is easy to use. Right from the registration process that requires you to fill in a medium length form that has only about five required fields to the searching and matching section and all the in-betweens, the whole process is easily understandable. The website for this Latino dating website is fully responsive and is compatible with all types of smartphones, tablets, and computers or laptops. The mobile app development is still in the works, and it promises to be colorful and fulfilling to clients once it is released. It also offers you a sense of privacy. If you do not have an account on, you cannot see any person on this site. This reassures singles that their dating endeavors are kept as private as possible.

Searching and Matching on

The entire matching process is done purely based on the information you provide during registration. After inputting your name, age, gender, and nationality, the search engine will swiftly dive into action and help you look for a potential match. You can employ certain filters to help the searching algorithm narrow down to a more suitable partner. Such filters may include location, age, ethnic background, and so on. You are prompted to input the specifications you desire your soul mate to fall in to.

What Are The Pros and Cons of

As with any other dating site, this one also has its fair share of merits and demerits. Let us look into them:

  • As with any other dating sites, fraudsters are prevalent and tend to deceive lonely unsuspecting singles
  • Older adults are at a loss because their younger counterparts will get all the attention
  • Many people on tend to lie about some information they post on their profile
  • The lengthy registration process can prove a tough challenge
  • The cost for unlocking certain features on the site can be too pricey
  • The matching protocol may not be as seamless as advertised. This may lead to getting paired up with an individual you don’t really like
  • will expose you to people you could have never met in your lifetime
  • It is easy to use
  • It has advanced communication features that allow you to break the silence and get in touch with your crush
  • The matching criteria are based on the compatibility and personality of individuals. You will be matched up with a person you have a lot in common
  • You have the luxury to choose between so many eligible singles that this site will provide to you Costs

The pricing is as follows:

  • There is a trial membership plan that lasts three days and costs $4
  • A one month plan that costs $34
  • Three months plan is about $59
  • Six months plan costs $95

Real Review of

I got curious and created an account. I filled in my details and got in the site, I wanted to find a hot Latina single from Argentina, and I did not know if my efforts would bear any fruits. After the necessary payments, I got a nice lady from my locality that was nice enough for my liking. I love this site and would use it time and again.

CitasConLatinas FAQ

Is legit?

Yes, it is genuine and straightforward for dating.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe. However, be keen on sharing too much information with strangers

Bottom line is a reliable site that is very reliable and efficient in finding dating companions online. Many people have found love and will continue to. Log onto today to find love and happiness!

Don’t waste your precious time and try your luck today!

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