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Average Latino Penis Size: Do Mexicans have Big Dicks?

Average Latino Penis Size

Size is all that matters. Most ladies will confirm this. Saying that it’s all about technique and how you rock the boat is one way of limiting the damage done to the male ego. But what exactly determines penis size? Does the male organ take its girth et al. from genetics, a predisposition if you will? Or does it all come down to your physique and body type? Whatever the determinant may be, one thing is clear. Certain parts of the world dominantly hold the position of having the biggest assets known to mankind, while others fail dismally in this department.

However, it is not standard that all males in a particular country will exhibit similar measurements. The overarching question is: what exactly is considered small, average, or big in terms of dicks?

Global Average Sizes

According to, the average global dimensions of a dick are 13.71 centimeters or 5.4 inches. On the other hand, the global, average erect penis girth rounds out at about 4.45 inches. These figures do not take into account age differences and other factors. Research shows that the average erect penis size for Latinas is 14.45 centimeters or 5.68 inches.

The numbers highlighted refer to Hispanics in the following regions: Mexico, Central America, North and South America. Stating that all people from one ethnic background have a certain size, usually referring to big ones, is not true. Men from Asian communities may be more blessed than some African males, and vice versa. Chilean men may be better equipped than a Cuban, and vice versa. To put this into perspective, Africans seem to have larger schlongs, ranging from 16.10 to 17.9 centimeters. This trend seems to trickle to smaller dimensions as you move further to the west or east.

So do Latinas have big dicks? According to research and the statistics, comparatively, many Hispanic men fall within the global average penis size. This figure, 5.4 inches for the global average, is slightly lower than the Hispanics’ average of 5.68 inches. Conclusively, Hispanic men, in general, would have averagely sized penises, based on global statistics.


What’s the bottom line? Penis girth and lengths matter to certain females and males, but one’s ethnic background does little to determine those measurements. The average penis proportions are based on global standards, but rating or measurement only caters to one’s ego. The overarching issue is whether the owner is satisfied with it, or more importantly if the ladies are satisfied with his technique.

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