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How to Talk Dirty in Spanish: 10 Dirty Spanish Words

10 Dirty Spanish Words

If there is one thing, exposure has taught us it’s that we tend to pick up slang words faster than we do what actually counts. Sometimes, learning a few dirty slang words can save one from serious harm in shady places. Embracing certain lingo also helps you maximize sexual escapades. Get down and dirty with these dirty Spanish words, in conversation, and between the sheets.

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Clean meaning: to eat

Dirty version: to do the nasty

When having lunch with a Spanish mami, you met on an online dating site, be sure to mention this only as a pun, unless you mean the opposite. If you are already comfortable with her, this is the best pun and flirtatious way to hint on eating something other than fast food.


Clean meaning: affluent people or tasty meals

Dirty version: delicious person/eye candy

This can be confused with other Spanish words that lose a bit in translation due to a few pronunciation errors. Understanding the context you are in helping to determine whether or not someone will be fascinated and maybe even blush, or they’ll want to bury their head in the sand with you alongside them.


Clean meaning: derriere

Dirty version: still derriere, or butt, or behind

Of course, the innuendos are abundantly clear here. Culo is a term we repeatedly hear in Pitbull and Terror Squad songs, alluding to the posterior anatomy of ladies worldwide. Tread carefully when you are talking about a behind, formally and respectably, in which Trasero works out better.


Clean meaning: sausage

Dirty version: do we really need to mention it?

Every culture and subsequently, all languages have dirty words galore linked to sexual organs and escapades. Spanish is no different. This word, when used in a context other than the kitchen, or indeed even within the kitchen, will allude to the male sexual organ – have fun.


Clean meaning: an overwhelming to feed or engage in some activity

Dirty version: Physical, perhaps animal needs…

Garner up the courage to use this Spanish word when describing what you really want to engage in. Be sure to describe fully what you want to eat instead of simply stating that you want to. It may raise stares, perhaps in the wrong circles, but can barely lose you points with a lass who’s already into you.

Estoy Caliente

Clean meaning: I’m hot!!

Dirty version: I’m hot, perhaps a tad hot-and-bothered

Simply, it implies feeling hot. For millennials, it is equivalent to feeling hot and bothered. Basically, you are insinuating a need to become unclad soonest, for all the sexual reasons imaginable. Some of these statements draw stares from strangers and peers alike, regardless of the circumstances you are in.


Clean meaning: round-shaped items

Dirty version: the balls!!

Some things do not require interpretation. Only if you used this word without knowing what it means would be excused for not knowing – but ignorance is no excuse. The worst part of this word is the contextual meanings: used in restaurants. It refers to a dish served in several Spanish joints. Imagine the looks.


Clean meaning: a female dog

Dirty version: goes without saying – a whore!

Again, certain words, once understood, can never be used incorrectly, and if they are, it spells trouble. In Spanish circles, it refers to a promiscuous woman, a tramp if you will. This Spanish word refers to a female dog, (perra), and can only mean something vulgar under any other context.

Dame Esa Leche! Ven Conmigo

Clean meaning: give me that milk, come with me

Dirty version: Give me that milk! Come with me.

This phrase can barely be applied anywhere except the bedroom. It’s as dirty as it gets, especially if you among peers and definitely worth proceeding with caution within a family setting. Essentially, you are telling your lover to give you some of their loving. Nothing will turn on a Latina or Latino guy than this exclamation as they approach a climax during sex.

Voy a Venir

Clean meaning: I will come

Dirty version: I will / I’m about to cum

Uttering these words over the phone, on a bus, or anywhere for that matter raises eyebrows. Understanding contexts may help, but similar to English, if said in the correct setting, it will lead to mind-blowing you-know-what.

Conclusion: Do you have the Bolas to use them?

So, you are now ready to take on some senoritas with your new-found lingo. Spend some time around peers or local folks to better learn where and when to use these words/phrases. Visit Latino or today and chat with Latinas nearby.

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