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by Dr. Rachel Needle

Latina Interracial Dating: Latinas and Black Men Love Bound

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Celebrities may be responsible for the rising instances of sexy couples showing up on our screens. These previously taboo unions are now ubiquitous. Even with few frowns and scoffs from family and friends, couples still find time to make merry and babies. Interracial dating being a no-no is now a thing of the past, as couples like Matt Pokora and Christina Milian, among others, have proven to the world.

So what it is that makes these relationships tick? Does going black really make it impossible to go back? Or do these couples have more culturally in common than we think?

Find out Why Latinas Love Black Men

Could it be that Latinas have more in common with black men than they do their male counterparts back home? Some have credited Latina women seeking black love for their need to escape lonely and boring Latinos. Exploring different cultures and perhaps finding out what attracts white women to these African lovers could be a factor too.

For the most part, it seems Latina women date black men as a form of rebellion against family and society as a whole. According to certain bloggers, the perception that locals have toward a Mexican dating a black man is that she is desperately seeking sex. These sexcapades may leave these ladies as baby-mamas (unmarried with kids), which perpetuates stereotypes of black men. On that note, there are a few advantages of being in one of these sought after relationships.

Five Advantages of Black and Latina Relationships


Few people know this, but these two ethnicities have a lot in common. Latinas go through discrimination from the western world almost as much as black men do. There is a common trend between their socio-economic struggles. That being said, a black man struggling with racism at work, or with marginalization, or even poverty, is nothing new to a Latina. She has been there (probably), done that, and got over it. This sense of oneness is profoundly visible when these ethnic groups merge. That is a unique case, one which cannot be realized in Caucasian and African American dating couples.

Tenacity and Go-Getter Personalities

Both Latinas and black men are go-getters. This is debatable because not all men, or women, are created the same, regardless of their race. However, with challenging backgrounds from both sides, there is a need to be resilient and strive for a better life. The passion that Latinas have, which is undeniable, stems from family and love of that family. When they love, they do so passionately, in relationships and careers. Unlike dating black women, which always seems to be riddled with drama, Latina women are passionate, compassionate, and understanding.

Racial Matters are Easier to Discuss

When black and Latinas come together in holy matrimony, it sets a precedence for others to follow. This can be siblings, cousins, and total strangers. Nothing gets wheels turning like one couple taking the heat for the team. The team, in this case, is scores of love birds out there scared to approach their crush and set a date for lunch, or marriage. These couples have a lot going for them, which means they are capable of helping other younger couples in Latina interracial unions with counseling. As you can see, it transcends far beyond the confines of the relationship, per se.

Family Oriented, Culturally Connected

Latinas put family first. A black man without a family is a lost soul. Other cultures, especially western, don’t seem to frown upon such details much, even seeing it as a relief sometimes. All things considered, some black men come from dysfunctional families, and having a new family speaks volumes for their renewed spirit. With Latinas, a boyfriend becomes family almost instantly. Therefore, dating one can only mean you have a new dad, mom, and brothers, and sisters to call your own.

Sharing New Ideas Based on Culture

Imagine a few things you dislike or don’t understand in your partner’s lifestyle choices, or even cooking methods. You have an opportunity to share and work on cultural differences passionately. If you spent months or a year in commonalities, imagine the excitement when you get to share your insight from experiences related to your upbringing. Picture dating a black man and enlightening him on a few spiritual ways to deal with stuff. These differences bring spouses closer together, and they also shed light on missing links in some cultures.

Conclusion: Do Latinas and Black Men Really Mix?

Perhaps the answer should be in the form of a question: why wouldn’t they mix? There is enough craving for excitement in a black man’s life for a Latina to fill. The passion she brings and the zest for life innate in a black man combine to make ebony and ivory magic that no man can put asunder.

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